Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What Might've Been: Incredible Crew (2013)

Cartoon Network, realizing that Mad, spun off from the magazine of the same name, might offend some folks, decided to develop a live-action, family friendly, sketch comedy show that would both contrast and complement Mad, and at double the size.

Incredible Crew was created by actor-turned-mogul Nick Cannon (America's Got Talent), which is ironic considering that Cannon came up via rival Nickelodeon on their sketch show, All That. Seeing that CN didn't have anything like that, and the current administration, being obsessed with copying Nick & Disney Channel, wanted to try one, Cannon obliged them. The big difference being, the Crew was filmed, rather than videotaped. However, as was reported over at Saturday Morning Archives yesterday, the series has been cancelled, as it appears Stu Snyder & Rob Sorcher have, for now anyway, thrown in the towel on live-action programming on CN, save for perhaps movies and the annual Hall of Game Awards.

From the network's YouTube channel, we bring you a little hottie named Emoticonnie:

The skits are short, sometimes funny, like the above, some are not. It goes with the territory. Like, would they really invent something called Face Jeans? Didn't think so.

Rating: B-.

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