Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Fantastic Four........on radio? Yep. (1975)

There hadn't been a radio show based on comic books of any variety since the 50's, when Archie Andrews ended. Leave it to Stan Lee and Marvel to try to do something about that.

In 1975, Lee made his radio debut narrating adaptations of his own Fantastic Four works that he'd done with Jack Kirby. There are only 13 episodes, at the very least, notable in that comedian Bill Murray was cast as Johnny Storm, the Human Torch, a few months before Saturday Night Live turned him into an icon. Murray was no stranger to radio, as I believe he'd also done the National Lampoon Radio Hour.

To my knowledge, I don't know of any radio station in my market that carried the Fantastic Four radio show. Lee is subdued in his narration, as you're about to hear, a far cry from his later work on television.

Hey, they tried. Three years later, the Fantastic Four would return to Saturday morning cartoons, and their bad luck away from the printed page would continue.......!

No rating.

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