Friday, October 3, 2014

Spook Rock: Witchcraft (1985)

You would never have dreamed of hearing a Frank Sinatra record with a heavy metal beat. It took Joe Piscopo to make it happen.

In 1985, Piscopo (ex-Saturday Night Live) recorded a cover of "Witchcraft", in the voice of Sinatra, for his album, "New Jersey". One can imagine that today, Piscopo, now a morning radio host in his native Jersey, would be prepping this song to play on Halloween night, 4 weeks from now. Until now, though, I didn't think there had been any video for the song. I'm guessing this comes from an HBO special.

I should point out, for the record (pun intended), that on the album, "Witchcraft" is included as part of a skit parodying Late Night With David Letterman. The video, with its gothic theme, would be appropriate for this time of year.

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