Thursday, March 19, 2015

Forgotten TV: The Milton Berle Show (1966)

Milton Berle returned to primetime television in 1966 with a brand new sketch comedy series on ABC, airing on Fridays in back of Green Hornet & Time Tunnel. The other common thread with these three freshman series is that all three were cancelled after 1 season.

As a toddler back then, I didn't get to see the show, as I would see the others later on in reruns. As a result, there's no rating. Anyway, in this clip, ol' Uncle Miltie demonstrates what would happen if an actor were cast as a villain on both Batman AND Green Hornet, with both shows filming at the same time. Adam West, Van Williams, & Bruce Lee join the fun. Burt Ward was in absentia for whatever reason.

A year later, Berle guest-starred on Batman, appearing in 2 episodes as Louie the Lilac, a gangster. This skit, though, might've have served as an audition tape for William Dozier and his Bat-staff.......


magicdog said...

I had seen this clip on YT and it's pretty funny - although it's the walk ons with West, Williams and Lee that make it all the sweeter!

hobbyfan said...

There's another clip that'll be up later this week, one in which West actually sings in a comedy skit. It's actually pretty good.

Not only that, but, like his buddy William Shatner, West released an album in the 60's. Shatner should've taken singing lessons.