Saturday, March 7, 2015

On The Air: The Jack & Triumph Show (2015)

[adult swim] parodied Lassie with their new live-action sitcom, The Jack & Triumph Show, which launched last month. And not very well, I might add.

The return of Robert Smigel's canine puppet is muted by some lame sexual innuendos and bad jokes, the latter of which are [adult swim]'s stock in trade. Smigel not only is the brains & voice behind Triumph, but also an executive producer, along with co-star Jack McBrayer (Wander Over Yonder, ex-30 Rock) and long time pal Conan O'Brien, on whose TBS show Triumph made his return in a series of skits. In a way, this show is a spinoff from Conan, the 2nd half of which airs opposite Jack & Triumph on Fridays.

To borrow a line from Triumph himself, we've got something else from [adult swim] to poop on.

Following is a sample episode:

Rating: D-.

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