Friday, May 22, 2015

Classic TV: 12 0'Clock High (1964)

You can count on your hand and leave room for some fingers the number of non-crime dramas that came from producer Quinn Martin. There ain't that many. Still, 20th Century Fox joined forces with Martin's production company to reboot their 1949 feature film, "12 0'Clock High", into a weekly TV series, which launched 15 years after the film's release.

12 0'Clock High ran for three seasons on ABC, the last original episode airing in January 1967. In a way, the series picked up where the movie left off, but what made the show work was its ensemble cast, including Robert Lansing, who left after 1 season, a move he admittedly regretted, Paul Burke (ex-Naked City), Chris Robinson (who's better known for his later run on the soap opera, General Hospital), Andrew Duggan (later of Lancer), and Barney Phillips (ex-Dragnet). Dick Wesson was the house announcer for QM at the time, a gig he would relinquish after The Invaders ended, a year after 12 0'Clock High signed off.

I remember seeing at least part of an episode as a toddler, but nothing more, and when the series aired on Me-TV, it was buried in the overnight block meant for the DVR crowd. There will be no rating. We'll leave you with the season 2 episode, "Decoy".

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