Sunday, May 31, 2015

What Might've Been: Colin Quinn's Manly World (1990)

If you want, you could consider Colin Quinn's Manly World a spin-off from Remote Control, giving the game show announcer/in-house karaoke singer his second series away from Control. The first was the short-lived NBC SatAM entry, 2 Hip 4 TV, which didn't finish the 1988-9 season due to a poor time slot.

Manly World was set up to air on Mondays on MTV as part of a checkerboard lineup that also included Ben Stiller's 1st self-titled series, among others. Unfortunately, because MTV didn't promote any of the series properly, they went by the wayside, one by one, except for Just Say Julie, which had a headstart on the others, and lingered around for 2 more years before "Hollywood" Julie Brown followed Stiller to Fox.

As with the other shows, Quinn's series had music videos mixed in with interviews and short comedy bits. The fact that Quinn was a servicable interviewer helped pave the way for him to try a talk show on sister network Comedy Central a few years later, and Tough Crowd lasted two years, this following a stint on Saturday Night Live.

Here's a sample episode:

Manly World and Remote Control were both gone by the end of the summer. Today, Quinn has a recurring gig on HBO's Girls, which keeps him in the public purview. Too bad Manly World was never released on DVD, so we could better appreciate this genius.

Rating: B.

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