Saturday, December 12, 2015

Countdown to Christmas: Christmas with Donna Reed (1958)

From Shout! Factory's Merry Sitcom DVD compilation comes a 1st season Christmas story from The Donna Reed Show.

Upset that people are losing the Christmas spirit, Donna Stone (Reed) meets with some children at the hospital, and then learns of a secret Santa who's organized Christmas parties for the kiddo's for years.
Silent film legend Buster Keaton guest stars in "A Very Merry Christmas":

Keaton did a lot of television at the end of his career, and, to be truthful, he acquitted himself well in this episode. Had this been filmed in front of a live audience, as would be the custom in the 70's, Keaton would've gotten a rousing ovation in his first scene.

We will discuss this series further another time.

Rating: A-.

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