Wednesday, February 17, 2016

What Might've Been: The Family Holvak (1975)

The success of CBS' The Waltons had reached the point where NBC, which already had Little House on the Prairie, wanted a Depression-era family drama of their own. Unfortunately, they were undone by playing a game of schedule chicken with CBS.

The story goes that CBS was thinking of moving Waltons to Sunday nights, and putting Cher's solo variety show on Thursdays, then reversed field. NBC had already reserved the 8 pm (ET) Sunday slot for The Family Holvak, originally known as simply Holvak, as you'll see in the following video. Glenn Ford, whose last series, Cade's County, had aired on Sundays 4 years earlier on CBS, returned for one last series go-round. Holvak was the end result of a TV-movie, The Greatest Gift, which NBC ran in November 1974.

So what did Holvak----and, for that matter, Cher, in? The Six Million Dollar Man owned the hour on ABC.

MattTheSaiyan uploaded this preview trailer, culled from NBC's Fall Preview special for 1975. Lloyd Bridges, who returned to television himself that season in Joe Forrester, narrates.

No rating. Never saw the show.

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