Friday, May 27, 2016

Someone show this "evangelist" the New Testament!

"I have a name for my pain."---The Joker (Jack Nicholson), "Batman", 1989.

Give a listen to the mindless ranting of Angela Cummings, who is an evangelist from somewhere in the South (no shock). And I use the word "evangelist" loosely here.

Ms. Cummings has been traveling the country, posting videos of her anti-transgender rants, including an incident at a Target store in Queensbury. She's just lucky she didn't spend any time in jail, but her hateful words will remind you of a certain "church" in the midwest that has similar issues. What she forgets, and this is where her rant fails, is that President Obama will be out of office by this time next year, and the next President could repeal a lot of things that Obama has signed into law. Now, we'll see if she stays in New York long enough to visit Albany, Troy, ......

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