Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Forgotten TV: The Ian Tyson Show (1971)

I can remember one night as a youth sitting at home with the parents and watching The Ian Tyson Show, which had a brief syndicated run in the US, at least in my neck of the woods.

In truth, Tyson spent a total of five seasons headlining a variety show in Canada. The first season, it was known as Nashville North, to identify the genre of music that Tyson and wife Sylvia favored, country music, as opposed to pop-rock. The following year, the series was renamed The Ian Tyson Show, and, as memory serves, spent at least a year on then-ABC affiliate WAST (now WNYT, an NBC affiliate). Since my folks, particularly my late mother, were into country, this caught their attention.

Judging from the intro in the following Canadian commercial, Tyson might be considered the Great White North's answer to Johnny Cash.

Unfortunately, I didn't see enough of the show to merit a rating, and, just as unfortunately, no episodes are available on YouTube.

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