Wednesday, August 17, 2016

A Modern Classic (?): A Current Affair (1986)

The rise of tabloid TV can be traced in the modern era to A Current Affair, which began as a late-night complement to WNYW (formerly WNEW)'s 10 pm newscast. In the fall of 1986, however, it went national, and would begin a 10 year run.

Maury Povich, currently fronting a self-titled talk show, was the lead anchor for Affair, which mixed entertainment news & gossip with harder, front-page-headline news. As with its syndicated brethren, Affair bounced across the dial in most markets over the course of its run. In the home district, for example, Affair aired on at least two channels. Coincidentally, today, those two channels, an ABC and a Fox affiliate, are now linked together.

In 2005, former NFL player-turned-announcer-turned-author-turned lawyer Tim Green hosted a short-lived revival of the series, which lasted less than a year.

TVrepeater takes us back to the original series, as Povich introduces a piece on Zsa Zsa Gabor.

Curiously, Inside Edition, one of the copycat series, is the only one still standing from those halcyon days.

Rating: B.

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