Thursday, August 25, 2016

Is this any way to sell insurance? (2016)

Allstate Insurance has had a good thing going the last few years with the "Mayhem" ads featuring actor Dean Winters, which we reviewed over at Saturday Morning Archives because those spots usually air during sporting events on the weekends.

So the company ratcheted up the star power with their "What's it like to be IN good hands?" ad campaign, featuring the likes of the following:

Leslie Jones ("Ghostbusters", Saturday Night Live):

Adam Devine ("Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates"):

And Tim Gunn (Project: Runway):

Long-time pitchman Dennis Haysbert still does the voice-overs, which might be better than dubbing over generic actors, as he did in an ad campaign last year.

Would you buy insurance from Allstate after seeing these ads? Or are they a turn-off (well, Devine's might be)?

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