Sunday, August 28, 2016

NBC Fall Preview 50 years ago (1966)

Part 2 of our look back at television in 1966 takes us to NBC.

Comedians Jack Burns & Avery Schreiber are your hosts for this one, with the special under the title, Two in a Taxi, and that was little more than a vehicle for the duo's standard act. It would be a few years before Burns & Schreiber would be granted their own show-----on ABC. Schreiber was fresh off the nuclear fail that was My Mother The Car, and Burns would soon join the cast of CBS' Andy Griffith Show. Not sure if in fact Two in a Taxi had reached the pilot stage itself.

Much of the freshman class has already been discussed here. To wit:

Star Trek
T. H. E. Cat
The Girl From U.N.C.L.E.
The Monkees
Occasional Wife
Hey Landlord

We'll soon be looking at:

The Road West
The Roger Miller Show
The Hero

The last two were nuclear fails themselves. The Hero was the first starring vehicle for Richard Mulligan, and it would be 11 years before he'd land another series (Soap). Miller ended up replaced by Captain Nice.

I wasn't too fond of Burns & Schreiber's taxi bit when I'd seen it elsewhere, and when Burns tried his "Huh? Yeah!" bit on the Andy Griffith Show and elsewhere, it felt out of place without Schreiber.

Rating for Two in a Taxi: C.

Part 3 is the ABC preview, "hosted", if you will, by the cast of Batman, and that's coming up soon.

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