Saturday, November 5, 2016

Classic TV (?): Camera Three (1955)

Over at Saturday Morning Archives, I've referenced how CBS used to air reruns of animated fare on Sunday mornings after certain cartoons had been exiled from the Saturday lineup. This practice continued until about the mid-70's. Local affiliates stopped carrying the Sunday toons well before then, as they saw more value in locally produced or syndicated fare that would bring the station much needed ad revenues.

To that end, those stations also blacked out, over the same period, a trio of religious and public affairs programs that the news department produced, which would lead into the still-running Face The Nation.

Camera Three began as a localized entity out of WCBS in New York in the early 50's, and began its network run in 1955 as part of the Sunday block. It was geared more toward educating viewers about the arts, science, and literature. However, after 24 seasons, CBS cut Camera Three loose in 1979, and it moved to PBS for its final season.

Growing up, I never got to see Camera Three, as it was blacked out. TV Guide listings of the period had the show airing on an affiliate in Binghamton that wasn't available on cable. We'll leave you for now with a sample episode from 1964.

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