Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Forgotten TV: It's The Bickersons (1951)

The Bickersons was wrapping its initial radio run when it transitioned to television in 1950, airing on DuMont's Star Time. However, by that point, Don Ameche, the original John Bickerson, had stepped aside, replaced by Lew Parker, whom most folks know better from his later role on That Girl in the 60's. Frances Langford had made the transition, but left the show and was, in turn, replaced by Virginia Grey.

However, for some reason, the TV version goes by the extended title, It's The Bickersons, but no matter how you remember it, it was an inspiration for Jackie Gleason's seminal The Honeymooners.

Here's a sample episode, in which John has forgotten his wedding anniversary, a trope as old as radio.

This version aired on CBS in the summer of 1951, and went no further. The radio version, as we've documented, would later resurface in reruns in the 70's. Locally, WQBK-AM (now WGDJ) ran the reruns in the mornings.

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