Friday, November 11, 2016

What Might've Been: Peter Loves Mary (1960)

The husband & wife team of Peter Lind Hayes & Mary Healy had previously fronted a daytime show on ABC in the mid-50's, and Hayes had gone solo a few years prior. Neither show really was a major success, and so their 1960 NBC series, Peter Loves Mary, turned out to be their last chance.

So what sank the ship? The couple signed with Four Star, whose track record with sitcoms, as we've talked about, was not as good as it was for crime dramas and Westerns. The average lifespan of a sitcom at Four Star, as it happened, was 1 year.

Peter Loves Mary launched in October 1960, with Bea Benaderet (The Flintstones, ex-The Burns & Allen Show) as Wilma, the maid to Peter & Mary Lindsey, a show-biz couple who've relocated to the relative quiet of the suburbs to get away from the bright lights. Or so it would seem. As it ended up, Peter Loves Mary was just another cookie-cutter sitcom with some of the same plots you'd find everywhere else, hence its cancellation after 1 season.

Let's take a look at a sample episode, "Wilma's Apple Butter", in which Wilma mixes in some store-bought apple butter with a homemade recipe. David White, later of Bewitched, and David Lewis, who would later turn up on Batman and General Hospital, guest star.

The Hayeses would later make the usual rounds of game shows, as memory serves, before retreating from the spotlight.

Peter Loves Mary was to have aired on Get TV starting this month, but apparently, the network discovered they didn't have the full rights, so it was pulled in favor of the returning Jimmy Stewart Show.

Rating: C.

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