Saturday, March 25, 2017

Classic TV: Where The Action Is (1965)

After American Bandstand moved to Saturday afternoons in the mid-60's, ABC prevailed upon host Dick Clark to at least give them something to fill time on weekday afternoons anyway.

Where The Action Is was launched as a summer replacement series in June 1965. The theme song, "Action", was composed and performed by Freddy Cannon, who climbed the charts with "Action", which I think was his last hit. Action ran for nearly 2 full years before being terminated at the end of March 1967, as ABC opted to give the time back to affiliates. By that point, Action had a pretty strong lead-in in Dark Shadows, so withdrawing the extra half hour had to be a cost-cutting measure. The show's house band, Paul Revere & the Raiders, kept busy. Mark Lindsay & Revere hosted the Saturday morning series, Happening '67-68 and its weekday companion, It's Happening, but both were gone in short order.

Now, bear in mind, I was a mere toddler when Action aired, so I never saw the show, and thus cannot rate it. From 1966, here's a pair of Neil Diamond classics, "Cherry Cherry" & "Solitary Man". As was a custom with Clark's shows the majority of the time, the performances are lip-synched.

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