Monday, May 29, 2017

Celebrity Dating Game Week: 2 Grass Roots vie for a future actress' hand (1968)

This week, just for fun, we're going to showcase some bits of the original Dating Game with Jim Lange.

We'll start with this 1968 daytime episode. Future Dallas co-star Deborah Shelton has to choose from three bachelors, including Warren Entner & Rick Coonce of the Grass Roots. The band appear as a full unit at the start of the show, introduced by announcer Johnny Jacobs, and perform "Midnight Confessions". Rick & Warren play game 2.

We'll forego the rating this time, as we're doing this as a public service. I may be wrong, but the Grass Roots may've been the only band to actually perform on the show. The future "King of Pop", Michael Jackson, would appear 4 years later, that may be the only other musical connection.

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