Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Forgotten TV: Noah's Ark (1956)

A drama about a veterinarian hasn't been a big seller, such that only one such series was tried back in the 50's, and in subsequent years, veterinarians were confined to being supporting characters in either dramas or sitcoms.

Trust Jack Webb, of course, to at least try to call attention to the importance a vet would have to your pets.

Unfortunately for Webb and NBC, however, Noah's Ark was a flop, lasting half a season before being taken to the ratings kennel in January 1957.

Paul Burke toplined in the title role as Dr. Noah McCann, assistant to a wheelchair bound veterinarian, Dr. Sam Rinehart (Vic Rodman). All we have for now is this sample clip:

Ignore the poster's note on the screen. It's not a sitcom. Burke would later find greater success after joining the cast of Naked City, and then, 12 O'Clock High.

As Jack Webb would discover over the next two decades, he'd end up pigeon-holed with his family of LA-based dramas (Dragnet, Adam-12, Emergency!) in the 60's and 70's, but find little success with anything else.

Rating, based on what is available: A.

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