Sunday, June 4, 2017

Celebrity Dating Game Week: Flash Gordon meets the Empress of Gong! (1979)

We had this up before, when we did an obit for Dating Game creator-executive producer Chuck Barris earlier this year. As we're wrapping our salute to the series this week, I figured we might as well bring this back out again.

"Chuckie Baby" cameos as a studio janitor at the start of the show, largely to cover the fact that his Gong Show muse, Jaye P. Morgan (or, Mor-goan, as Barris always introduced her) was "fashionably late". Host Jim Lange's attempt at comedy sounds like it's right out of the Barris playbook as well. One of the contestants in game 2 trying to earn a date with Morgan is Sam Jones, football player turned actor, who would star in "Flash Gordon" a year later----which, unfortunately, was the apex of his career.

The original Gong had been off the air for a while by the time this aired, but it will soon return, the first one since Barris' passing.

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