Tuesday, June 13, 2017

What Might've Been: Anyone Can Win (1953)

In the early days of television, anyone could land a TV show, just based on a level of fame.

For Al Capp, the creator of L'il Abner, this meant getting the opportunity to not only host a game show, but also for America to meet the man behind the riotous cornpone comedy of Dogpatch, USA. Unfortunately, those viewers also proved to be extremely fickle.

Anyone Can Win lasted just a few weeks, launching as a summer replacement in July 1953. A few years ago, the TV4U website had an episode that I took a look at. I don't think this is the same one that was pulled from YouTube:

Hairless Joe was one of the more bizarre denizens of Dogpatch, but I don't think anyone was able to discern who was under all that hair, which was the real end-game.

Rating: B.

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