Sunday, July 16, 2017

What Might've Been: It Takes a Church (2014)

On the heels of the success of American Bible Challenge (since cancelled), Game Show Network ordered up another Christian-themed "game show", this one with a reality bent.

Singer Natalie Grant was tapped to host It Takes a Church, which bowed in June 2014, during the 3rd and final season of Bible Challenge. The concept saw Grant travel to small towns where the congregations of local churches collectively played matchmakers for young couples.

Once it was decided that American Bible Challenge would not return for a 4th season, Church was essentially left to fend for itself, and, after 13 months on the air, was also cancelled. To be perfectly honest, it didn't belong on GSN anyway, but rather on TBN or Daystar or INSP.

Here's a sample clip:

No rating. I'm not big on reality shows, even this.

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