Sunday, May 13, 2018

Old Time Radio: The Black Hood (1943)

MLJ Comics, the forerunner to today's Archie Comics, had their own line of super heroes in the Golden Age. One of them, The Black Hood, was licensed out to Mutual Radio Network for a 15 minute daily serial from 1943-4. Of 120 episodes produced, only one has survived, the pilot episode, "Emerald Voodoo Ring".

Scott Douglas starred as patrolman Kip Burland, aka the Black Hood, whose cowled mask had magical properties. Only Burland's reporter-girlfriend, Barbara Sutton, was privy to his dual identity. I think Mutual wanted to posit them as a variation on The Shadow and his Gal Friday, Margo Lane, but that's just me.

This may be just a small sample, but let us celebrate the days when the Black Hood was a true hero, and not a base villain, as he's been rebooted into on Riverdale this season.

Rating: B.

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