Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Classic TV: The George Michael Sports Machine (1984)

He would never be confused with the British singer who shared his name, but George Michael was a regional sports icon whose Sunday night program went national in 1986 after being tested in select markets where NBC owned their affiliates.

In all, The George Michael Sports Machine, which began as The George Michael Sports Final as a local program in the early 80's, ran for nearly three full decades, ending when Michael retired in 2007, having spent the final three years with Lindsay Czarniak, later of TNT & ESPN, as his co-anchor.

Michael treated every subject with respect and realism, and that included wrestling. Take for example this 1987 show, which took place around Wrestlemania 3.

Locally, the program can be considered a forerunner to the NBC affiliate's current Sunday night, locally produced sports program, which is an off-shoot of their 11 pm (ET) newscast, and likely the same holds true in other parts of the country. Michael passed away in 2009, two years after the series ended.

Rating: A.

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