Wednesday, June 27, 2018

The Junior Basketball Association: A coast-to-coast scam

While the NBA held its annual draft last week, delusional huckster LaVar Ball launched his Junior Basketball Association, but no one could watch it on television. Why? The games are scheduled to air only on Facebook Watch.

It only gets worse. La Loudmouth is overcharging for tickets, which range from $40-99. Big Baller Brand controls all the teams, which all have been labeled the Ballers, regardless of what city they're playing for. Big Baller also controls each player's social media, and, according to one online analyst, the JBA is a glorified agent collective. In other words, the kids that signed for this league signed away any hope of playing college ball. Allow this video to illustrate:

LaVar Ball created the JBA as another revenue stream to fatten his own wallet. Reports say some kids are getting paid, but the league is supposed to be an alternative to the NCAA. Not from what I'm reading, it isn't. The first games were played in near-empty arenas. In other words, the attendance was worse than the average Albany Patroons game this year. Shoot, the Patroons charged $12 per ticket minimum for games. Three of those wouldn't exactly equal one JBA ticket, but you get the idea.

In short, in earning another set of Weasel ears, LaVar Ball is sacrificing innocent kids' dreams of NBA careers, while showcasing youngest son LaMelo, in another desperate attempt to extend his 15 minutes of infamy. As noted the other day, no NBA team drafted LiAngelo Ball, and I doubt he'll ever play in the NBA. Ditto for LaMelo, and they have their father to blame. His greed and obsession with realizing the money he never made as a player will lead to some lawsuits from angry parents, once they realized their kids were scammed.

Of course, if that happens, expect to hear about a prison basketball league in about 3-4 years.......

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