Sunday, August 6, 2017

Remember the Go Ahead bar? (late 70's)

In the 70's, Nestle expanded its line of candy bars. Out of that era, only the 100 Grand (formerly $100,000 Bar) is still around. In fact, the core Nestle bar is no longer available in much of the country, as Nestle pushes 100 Grand, Nestle Crunch, and later acquisitions like Chunky and Oh Henry. Yeah, they got rid of my personal favorite, Choco Lite.

Near the end of the decade, Nestle introduced the Go Ahead bar, described as a nutritious mix of peanut butter and crispy rice wrapped in milk chocolate. In the following spot, actor Ron Masak (ex-Love Thy Neighbor, later of Murder, She Wrote) impersonates Lou Costello for a riff on an old Abbott & Costello routine.

Unfortunately, Go Ahead didn't last long, either, maybe 3-4 years at the most before it disappeared from shelves.

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