Thursday, July 8, 2021

Classic TV: A primer on muscular dystrophy (The Bold Ones, 1970)

 From season 2 of The Bold Ones: The New Doctors:

A golf pro (Lincoln Kilpatrick) is admitted into the Craig Institute, fearing he may have developed a neurological disorder that could curtail his career. A young boy is brought in with muscular dystrophy, but his parents are at odds over whether he should be treated at the clinic or at home.

"In Dreams They Run" was directed by Jerry Lewis, and premiered three months after Lewis' annual MDA telethon had aired.

Most of us grew up with Lewis and the MDA telethons, but it certainly helped that Lewis' movies were also plentiful in syndication, and, later, on cable.

Rating: A.


Roger Owen Green said...

I loved the anthology The Bold Ones. I was partial to The Senator (Hal Holbrook), but most of them were good.,

hobbyfan said...

The Senator won its share of awards, Rog, but, as I wrote in reviewing the series, it ran into political opposition from the Nixon administration, forcing a premature cancellation, and NBC & Universal decided not to replace it.