Tuesday, March 8, 2022

When the back door is closed: Discovery at Fourteen (The Bold Ones, 1972)

 Near the end of season 3 of The Bold Ones, NBC asked Universal for a pilot for a possible spin-off series. In the industry, it's called a back door pilot.

"Discovery at Fourteen" fills this role, as the only regular appearing is David Hartman. The focus instead is on Jane Wyman as Dr. Amanda Fallon, with Mike Farrell (ex-The Interns). The plot centers on two boys, brought to the Craig Institute by their grandfather (Jim Davis, ex-Stories of The Century). The family hides a secret while dealing with the boys' injuries.

Ron Howard (still billed as Ronny at the time, and was otherwise on The Smith Family) also guest stars.

As we all know, Jane Wyman would later land her own series (Falcon Crest), but I fail to comprehend why this didn't work. There would be another back door pilot the next year, with Henry Darrow (ex-High Chaparral) as a detective, and that one's not presently available on YouTube.

No fair rating. Just a public service.

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