Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Paul Naschy (1934-2009)

Just found out about this from Sam Wilson's Mondo 70 blog.

Naschy, born Jacinto Molina in 1934, is best remembered for his Spanish language treatment of classic horror movies like "The Wolf Man". I guess it can be said that Naschy would be the Spanish equivalent of horror icons like Vincent Price or Christopher Lee, but insofar as I know, Naschy never made a movie for American audiences with either Price or Lee or any of his other contemporaries.

While a new version of "The Wolf Man", starring Benicio Del Toro, is due to hit theatres in 2010 and is a remake of the Universal classic with Lon Chaney, Jr., it would be a good gesture to acknowledge Naschy's contribution to the lycantrhopic legend.

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