Sunday, June 20, 2010

Yellow journalism was never this bad

The other day, I received 3 issues of The Sovereign, a New York based monthly tabloid whose headlines make the Weekly World News read more like Mad Magazine.

Included in the package were some postcards from the editors, and on one of the postcards was a short inscription that stated that the issues were a gift from my pen pal in Long Island, whom we'll call "Donald" to protect his identity. "Donald", you see, is a conspiracy buff, just like the Sovereign's editors, and, despite my repeated advice not to send me anything without asking first, decided it'd be a good idea to send me the three issues of the rag. The anti-Obama headlines turned me off immediately. When "Donald" e-mailed me the next day to tell me about a flier he sent, also unsolicited, I notified him that I was not happy with the newspaper, and repeated yet again that he should ask first before doing something like this. Whether he actually heeds the advice this time remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, the advice I have for the editors of the Sovereign and their loyal readers is rather simple. Get a life.

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