Friday, May 13, 2011

O Blogger, Where Wert Thou?

A routine maintenance check goes awry, and countless messages that were posted across the blogoverse on Thursday were erased. Such was the chaos that encountered when it was forced to shut down for nearly a full day after an unforeseen glitch turned up during said maintenance check on Wednesday night.

To be honest, I only realized what was going on after reading a message from Sam Wilson over at The Think 3 Institute earlier this afternoon. He says that Blogger is promising to restore any and all postings that were deleted on Thursday, but it's really a question of exactly when that'll happen. Not everything will return immediately, of course, as they have about a zillion blogs to address.

Did any of us know about the site maintenance? No, actually. I was online on Wednesday night, but at no time did I see a message from Blogger stating they'd be doing site maintenance. It's not like they were anticipating anything like this happening, because, for all we know, they weren't. That said, this was the first time that it has happened that anyone knows of. Accidents will happen, and the glitch likely was one of those things, so, rather than raise cain when it isn't necessary, we will simply move on.

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