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Dynasty Pro Wrestling @ Troy Boys & Girls Club, January 10

Pro wrestling returned to my hometown of Troy, NY on January 10 with the return of Dynasty Pro Wrestling at the Troy Boys & Girls Club. The first Troy show in October drew roughly 100 people or so. This time, the number, I'd venture to say, tripled, maybe quadrupled, due to headliner Tommy Dreamer.

Ring announcer Matthew James barely started with the necessary pre-show announcements when Vik Dalishus, the lone champion of the last indy promotion in the city, came out wearing a white 2-piece jumpsuit. In true heel fashion, Dalishus claimed he returned for our benefit. He noted, accurately, that he'd been the champion of the defunct Ultimate Wrestling East for 787 days, referencing the promotion's original name, 787 Pro Wrestling. He challenged promoter Chris Envy to find someone to challenge him before the end of the night.

1. Travis Dorian (w/Mr. Mann) vs. Shady.

It looked like a TV squash. Dorian dominated, but just when he thought he had the match won, Shady reversed the pin and picked up the win. Think Razor Ramon vs. 1-2-3 Kid back in '93.

Winner: Shady.

Post-match, Dorian laid out Shady, and made the ref raise his hand.

2. House of Hardcore invitational triple threat: Fungus vs. C. J. Mira vs. Ben Ortiz.

James garbled Mira's name. Ortiz was one of the guys who worked the UWE/787 promotion during its 6 momths of existence 2 years ago. Fungus, an African-American wearing a green feathered robe, got some attention from the ringsiders, but not enough. Ortiz destroyed them both, and finished Mira with a reverse T-bone suplex. Taz would be proud.

Winner: Ben Ortiz.

Color commentator Fenris Fortune left the desk, attempting to do an interview with Tommy Dreamer. He heeled the crowd, saying he was going to interview Raven, but of course Raven wasn't there. Dreamer acknowledged that "without Raven, there is no Tommy Dreamer". Respect, man. Dreamer issued an open challenge of his own, and Foxx Vinyer answered for the main event.

3. The Monarchy (William King & Zachary Pierre Beaulieu w/Marshall McNeil) vs. Kyle Brad & Chuck Deep.

Brad & Deep were billed as the "Hometown Heroes", even though Brad has previously been billed as hailing from NYC. The Monarchy were the UWE/787 tag champs, and never lost those belts. Maybe another day. McNeil, like Mr. Mann, is another Bobby Heenan/Johnny Valiant wannabe with all the charisma of a broken toothpick. Good back & forth match, ending when Brad, not the legal man, reverse positions with King, leaving King to eat a double-foot stomp from Beaulieu, who was subsequently schoolboyed by Deep.

Winners: Kyle Brad & Chuck Deep.

Post-match, South Philly's Finest attacked the winners. Brad Wesley, a friend of Deep's, hit the ring to make the save, then, while Brad had his back turned, Wesley turned on Deep and laid him out. Brad chased the ungrateful Wesley out.

4. Captain Wayno (w/Travis Dorian & Mr. Mann) vs. Alden Andrews.

Matt James garbled another name. Wayno was a face last time, but now is working a Eugene-esque gimmick (think summer 2004) where he's been led astray by Mann & Dorian. He also has a "squshie" doll, kinda like George Steele's "Mine" in the late 80's. Andrews slapped the doll halfway up the bleachers, and Wayno went off, finishing him with a reverse falcon arrow.

Winner: Captain Wayno.

5. Dalton Castle vs. Sean Burke.

Castle is a local radio personality who recently worked the Ring of Honor tapings for the Top Prospect tournament, so his name will appear here again soon. They stalled for time with some comedy to start, but then they got down to business. A wee bit sloppy, but they picked up the intensity. Castle won with a German suplex & bridge.

Winner: Dalton Castle.

6. Ultimate Wrestling East title: Vik Dalishus vs. "The Real" (Rob Coleman).

Dalishus came back out after the last match, now with an African-American valet and a crown of thorns. The blasphemy of the latter didn't generate enough heat. Dalishus & Coleman met 2 years ago, starting a storyline that now is reaching its conclusion with UWE having folded in the interim. Dalishus used a cannonball for 2, a wrecking ball for 2, but couldn't close the deal. Coleman came back with a splash and a wrecking ball of his own, the finished it with a swank T-bone suplex. The title finally comes home. "The Real" was Coleman's nickname all along.

Winner & new champion: Rob Coleman.

7. Alexis Neveaah vs. Davienne.

Women's action in this venue for the first time since 2011. If you've never seen her, Alexis is a trim, fit, blonde bundle of energy. Another back & forth match. At the end, Davienne argued with the ref over a count, and Alexis hit a schoolgirl rollup for the pin.

Winner: Alexis Neveaah.

8. Hardcore rules: Tommy Dreamer vs. Foxx Vinyer.

This was the match they all wanted to see. A local hero vs. a hardcore legend. Westchester County vs. Upstate (Vinyer has been alternately billed as being from Watervliet or Troy). Oh, this was fun. Dreamer borrowed a crutch, a water bottle, and a cane. The barricade came into play. So did a chair or two. Dreamer went for the evenflow DDT, but Vinyer slid out of the way, and Dreamer landed back first on the chair. Dreamer hit all of his spots, but no Dreamer Driver on this night. He finally landed the DDT to end the party.

Winner: Tommy Dreamer.

Next show is set for April 4, site TBA.

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