Thursday, July 2, 2015

What Might've Been: The Most Deadly Game (1970)

As we've documented, Aaron Spelling began producing series on his own, even though his last collaboration with Danny Thomas, The Mod Squad, was in its 3rd season. Unfortunately, Spelling had trouble finding his footing at first. His collaboration with Screen Gems, The Young Rebels, failed on Sundays. His other frosh aired on Mondays, also on ABC, and in front of Monday Night Football.

The Most Deadly Game was one of those two half-hour dramas, and perhaps therein laid the reason why it failed. Spelling was being asked by the network to put together two half-hour series when an hour-long show, like Young Rebels was, would've made more sense. The age of the half-hour crime drama was gradually coming to an end, as, if I'm not mistaken, Jack Webb's Adam-12, in its 2nd season, might've been the last one.

George Maharis (ex-Route 66) & Ralph Bellamy (ex-Man Against Crime) team with Yvette Mimieux in this short-lived series that, were it to be revived today, would be a hour-long show.

MattTheSaiyan offers a short preview, taken from ABC's fall preview special for 1970, and narrated by William Schallert (ex-The Patty Duke Show):

Another day, we'll take a look at Spelling's other entry, The Silent Force.

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Mike Doran said...

The Most Daadly Game was an hour-long show.

What happened to it was the unexpected death of Inger Stevens, just at the onset of production.

The shooting was delayed for the recasting of Stevens's role with Yvette Mimieux, which pushed the premiere back nearly two months, to late October.
By that time, CBS's sitcoms and NBC's movie had taken root ...
... and Stevens's death had had a negative effect on the whole production ...
... and ABC wanted to contract their faltering schedule in anticipation of next year's Prime Time Access Rule ...

...and there you are.

hobbyfan said...

Oh. Things I was not aware of. Thanks, Mike.