Monday, July 4, 2016

Musical Interlude: Goin' Crazy (1986)

Van Halen's on-again, off-again resident court jester-vocalist, David Lee Roth, released his first full length solo CD, "Eat 'Em & Smile", in 1986.

The 2nd single from the album, "Goin' Crazy", features the same cast of actors, plus Roth's manager, Peter Angelus, from the 1st video, "Yankee Rose". This time, though, Roth doubles as one of the Picasso Brothers, dressed in a fat suit. Angelus is his usual self ("Forget about it!") while trading barbs with Roth. Some subsequent plays of the video have edited out the comedy intro.

To think Roth intended for this to set up a movie that never happened.

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