Friday, October 14, 2016

What hath Donald Trump wrought this time?

Less than a month before the Presidential election, and while Donald Trump is still putting his foot in his mouth on a regular basis, his dittoheads are going out of their way to all but kill his chances of becoming the world's wealthiest President, if Trump hasn't already done that.

As the press has clamped onto some old tapes from Celebrity Apprentice and elsewhere of Dumb Donald demeaning women, some Trumpites are calling for a repeal of---get this---the 19th Amendment, which, enacted in 1920, allowed women the right to vote. There is a movement afoot that ain't going to have any leverage at all, because the Trumpites are so snowblind to reality, they don't realize they're un-balancing the playing field, if you will, or they just don't care.

Trump has gotten the support of a prominent Christian evangelist, Dr. James Dobson, and reportedly has become born-again, but what Christian in his right mind would still say the things Trump does, knowing the kind of media attention it brings? The Republicans are trying to coerce Dumb Donald off the ballot, but Trump refuses to back down. To be perfectly honest, his running mate, Governor Mike Pence of Indiana, would be a better choice as President than Dumb Donald.

Maybe GOP Chairman "Creme" Reince Priebus can use this animated Schoolhouse Rock video from 1977 to get the point across to the anonymous Trumpites who've earned this week's Weasel of the Week award for their blatant disregard for history:

Do those dummies realize they'd plunge us into the dark ages if they get their way? Of course not. They left their brains in mason jars.

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