Monday, August 7, 2017

Classic TV: Bronco (1958)

WB needed another Western after Clint Walker took a break from Cheyenne. What they got was another hit.

Bronco managed to last 4 seasons (1958-62) on ABC, and starred Ty Hardin in the title role. The following video is my first look at the series, as it wasn't airing in syndication when I was young.

You know how President Teddy Roosevelt had reportedly said to walk softly and carry a big stick? WB's variation on the idea was for their cowboy heroes to talk softly as well, and the big stick was usually a gun, like a rifle, for instance. Humility & modesty, two traits almost lost in fiction these days.

As I said, that small sample is all I've seen, so no rating. Posted in memory of Hardin, who passed away today at 87.

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