Friday, March 30, 2018

Musical Interlude: Windy (1967)

The late 60's saw a greater diversity of musical sounds. There was bubblegum pop, which came in all kinds of forms, from pre-fab acts such as the Detergents (Ron Dante pre-Archies), British art-rock from the likes of the Moody Blues, to name one, and even the kiddo's had their favorites, be they the Archies (Dante & Andy Kim), the Banana Splits, who boasted future R & B icon Barry White and 50's-60's pop star Gene Pitney among their songwriters, and the even shorter-lived Beagles, Total Television's contribution to the genre.

Then, you had bands like the Association, whose gentle melodies on tracks such as "Cherish" & "Never My Love" have made them staples not only of oldies radio, but adult contemporary, too. 1967's "Windy", an upbeat love song of a sort, offered a feeling of whimsy.

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