Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Sports this 'n' that

As you probably know by now, former Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel has taken his talents to the Canadian Football League, where he signed with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. That's the good news. The bad? Hamilton lost their opener. I don't know if there's enough of a curiosity factor with Manziel back on the field after last playing a regular season game in the NFL three years ago. None of this would be happening, of course, if Manziel didn't listen to the leeches surrounding him while at Texas A & M convincing him to turn pro after his sophomore season. As we've seen, stats are one thing, but maturity of a player is another.
Meanwhile, America's oldest spoiled brat, President Donald Trump, has struck again.

Trump rescinded an invitation extended to the Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles, claiming it had to do with players kneeling during the National Anthem, but one article I read alleges that it was also because so few of the players were planning on making the trip. Not a single Eagle knelt during the anthem in the 2017 season. Trump flaunting his faux patriotism should be an impetus for his next book, and I even have the title for him. How about, The Art of The Con?

The Eagles will hold a small, patriotically themed party for their fans instead. Good call.
The NFL is mourning the passing of San Francisco 49ers legend Dwight Clark at 61. Clark was the recipient of "The Catch" from Joe Montana in an NFC title game vs. Dallas. According to an account on ESPN, Clark had contracted ALS in later years.

Meanwhile, former Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher Bruce Kison passed away over the weekend. Kison was more recently a scout for the Seattle Mariners.

Condolences to the families of both Kison & Clark.
When they reached the Stanley Cup Finals, the (Las)Vegas Golden Knights were on the cusp of history. Now, they're one game away from total defeat.

The Knights trail the Washington Capitals, 3-1, after Washington thrashed Vegas, 6-2, on Monday. The scene shifts back to Las Vegas for Game 5, which could be the Knights' last stand. Still, their accomplishment this season is one for the books.
La Loudmouth (LaVar Ball, of course) thinks too big, and doesn't see the reality of his fool's folly.

Ball's Junior Basketball League, meant to be a showcase for son LaMelo, is set to launch next week, but Ball is putting the games on in large arenas that would otherwise host NBA or college games, and overcharging for tickets. As with the similarly overpriced basketball shoes the Sultan of Stage Parents peddles, Ball is trying to realize the money he never made as a pro player himself. He may not like it, but I think he'll be hearing from the Better Business Bureau, and maybe the FBI, too, before the end of the summer. Ball's latest shell game gets him another set of Weasel ears.

Oh, it's one thing to shoot for the moon, but Ball's in the business of exploiting kids, including his own, to feather his own nest, and it needs to end yesterday.

A league like the JBL is better left in the hands of the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, not a greedy, real-life Fred Sanford.
You're probably wondering why the WWE doesn't do television at Madison Square Garden anymore. As Cody Rhodes and Matt & Nick Jackson (The Young Bucks) are about to find out, it's because MSG's owner, James Dolan, is just as greedy as LaVar Ball, and makes Vince McMahon look like a saint by comparison.

At Ring of Honor's Saturday show at the Hammerstein Ballroom, Rhodes and the Bucks, separately, teased the audience with the idea that the sequel to their September 1 All In show in Chicago could wind up at the Mecca of Sports & Entertainment. We salute Rhodes & the Jacksons for their initiative, but if the reports are true that Dolan overcharges for renting the Garden for events, the Bullet Club could be facing a severe reality check. Stay tuned.

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