Thursday, August 2, 2018

On The Air: Runaways (2017)

Last year, Marvel expanded its online reach to Hulu, developing their first original series for the streaming service.

Runaways is based on a 2003 comics series created & written by Brian K. Vaughn. It tells the story of a group of kids who are the offspring of some members of a criminal organization known as The Pride. When the kids discover that their parents are also involved in some bizarre rituals, they decide they don't want anything to do with the family business, if you will.

Vaughn waited nearly a whole decade to get Runaways to the air. Marvel Studios hired showrunners Josh Schwartz & Stephanie Savage, who've already carved a niche with teen-centric dramas with The O. C. & Gossip Girl, to take charge of the project. The only recognizable names among the core cast are James Marsters (ex-Buffy, The Vampire Slayer) and Ever Carradine, a third generation actress (father Robert might still be better known for the "Revenge of The Nerds" movies than his TV gig on Lizzie McGuire).

Freeform, home to Cloak & Dagger, screened the opener tonight in back of the Dagger season finale, mostly as a hour-long infomercial to get extra eyeballs to Hulu. Season 2 of Runaways is in production now, but there are folks online who are under the mistaken impression that there will be a crossover between the two series down the road, largely because Cloak & Dagger met the Runaways in the books.

Here's a trailer:

While I never read the books, I get the feeling something was lost in the transition from print to screen, but that may be just me.

Rating: C.

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