Thursday, December 6, 2018

A Classic Reborn: Baffle (1973)

Four years after P. D. Q. ended its four year syndicated run, Heatter-Quigley revived the show, but with a new title, and a new host.

Baffle spent a year on NBC (1973-4), hosted by sportscaster Dick Enberg (Sports Challenge). The format was essentially the same, and the fact that P. D. Q. had faded from the viewers' consciousness by 1973, helped keep it on the air for a solid year. Problem was, then-NBC programming chief Lin Bolen meddled with the schedule, plunging Baffle down to the bottom of the lunch hour schedule, shearing off five minutes to make room for a mini-newscast with Edwin Newman.

However, with ratings falling, the series was changed to an all-celebrity format, hence the title change to All-Star Baffle. This desperate attempt to keep the show on the air ultimately failed.

Gilmore Box offers a sample intro with Peter Marshall (Hollywood Squares) and frequent Squares panelist Rose Marie:

Rating: A.

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