Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Dunce Cap Award: Gov. Jan Brewer

Arizona Governor Brewer, a past recipient of the "Weasel of the Week" award, adds a dunce cap this week.

At issue is a ruling by Judge Susan Bolton on Wednesday that blocks the full enforcement of the controversial anti-immigration bill that Gov. Brewer signed into law earlier this year. Let's face facts. There are better, safer, more efficient ways to determine the legal citizenship status of Hispanic-Americans in the state than forcing them to carry proof of said citizenship wherever they travel.

The idea behind the law is to block people from crossing the border between Mexico & Arizona illegally. Problem is, the way the law was written, it covers all Latinos in the area with a very wide brush, leaving open the very likely prospect of lawsuits filed by residents who've been unfairly accused of being illegal immigrants. Gov. Brewer has already said she's filing an appeal, perhaps taking her case all the way to the Supreme Court, but in this writer's opinion, she's wasting her breath and time.

Here's an easy solution, one that I doubt Gov. Brewer will even consider. Expunge the law, do some research, and then rewrite the legislation needed so that it can be enforced without fear---on either side, law enforcement and citizens---of any unnecessary litigation. If you really want to make this work, have the government set up a branch office of the INS (Immigration & Naturalization Service) as close to the border as possible, and that way, everyone should be happy.

I should also note that the fledgling Lucha Libre USA wrestling promotion is taking advantage of the controversy. One of the villains on Masked Warriors is a maskless, xenophobic patriot named-----wait for it----R. J. Brewer (long time indy star John Walters, who's had cups of coffee with WWE), purported to be the son of Gov. Brewer. He even has the inscription "S B 1070" (the title code for the law) on the back of his trunks. I guess Lucha Libre USA couldn't afford to lure John Layfield out of retirement. Either that, or Layfield is waiting for Vince McMahon to call with a similar idea.

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