Thursday, July 15, 2010

Weasel of the Week: Kevin Feige

Feige is in charge of Marvel Comics' movie division, which has gotten a healthy boost recently with the "Iron Man" movies and "The Incredible Hulk". However, Feige made headlines earlier this week when he announced that Edward Norton, who was so brilliant in "Incredible Hulk", would not be returning for "The Avengers", which is due in 2012. Marvel Studios intends to hire a relative unknown for far less money than they'd be willing to pay Norton.

While it's been written that there were creative differences between Norton & Marvel suits during the filming of "Incredible Hulk", there is no denying that Norton was miles better than Eric Bana in "Hulk" (2003). "Avengers" is meant to be an ensemble piece, but that's no excuse to exclude Norton. Feige and his superiors decided to go cheap and begin the process to hire what would be the 3rd actor to play the Hulk over a 10 year period. Norton is friends with most of the cast already assembled, including Robert Downey, Jr. ("Iron Man"), and would've had no problem. Norton has taken his case to Facebook, but as of press time, Feige is standing firm.

With the San Diego Comic-Con coming up next week, Feige may be looking at getting booed out of the building if he doesn't change his stance and at least reconsider Norton. No amount of excuses will be enough to satisfy an angry fan base. To borrow a line from the late Bill Bixby (David Banner in TV's Incredible Hulk), you wouldn't like people when they're angry.

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