Sunday, January 9, 2011

Another stupid lawsuit

The new year is a week old, and already someone's decided to file a frivolous lawsuit against World Wrestling Entertainment. Problem is, the suit entails an incident more than a decade old.

Ron Basham, 18, of Kentucky, says he was at a WWE (then-World Wrestling Federation) pay per view in 2000, headlined by a match between the Rock (Dwayne Johnson) & Triple H (Paul LeVesque). The action spilled into the crowd, and, according to the suit, an older, female fan was pushed into Basham, 7 at the time, who was standing on a chair. Basham ended up pinned between two chairs and the woman fell on him, "crushing his legs", they say. Basham, now a high school senior, has gone on to play football and race cars, but the suit he's filed is more about recouping thousands of dollars in medical bills he & his family believe should be charged to WWE due to negligence.

Now, you'd think the statute of limitations has run out on this case. Not so. In Kentucky, the statute won't run out until Basham turns 19. You'd also think Basham & his family would've had sufficient insurance to cover the bills, but apparently, that isn't the case here, either. However, as was pointed out by a few people on a message board, Basham is himself at fault, because he was standing on the chair. At most events, ushers and/or security will tell you that you can't stand on the chairs. Some do anyway, because people in the rows in front of them are obstructing their view. It's a chain reaction thing. Basham's parents didn't heed any warnings, and thus the lad paid the price. They can't find the other fan involved in this case, so the lawyer figures it's easier to lay the blame on the WWE. Try finding the ushers and/or security agents who were working that night. There's probably been quite a bit of job turnover since that event. Bottom line is, the WWE isn't entirely at fault, and there's no way it can be proven otherwise.

Oh, by the way, the WWE had employed a wrestler named Doug Basham for a few years, but I'm not sure if he's related to young Ron. Just thought I'd get that out there.

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