Thursday, July 26, 2012

Weasel of the Week: Torrence Brown, Jr.

Less than a week after James Holmes opened fire and killed 12 people, wounding 50 others, at an Aurora, Colorado multiplex, one moviegoer decided he's going to sue Holmes' doctors, the theatre, and Warner Bros.. That makes him a Weasel in every sense of the word.

Torrence Brown, Jr. attended the midnight (MT) screening of "Dark Knight Rises" with his friend, AJ Bolk. Bolk was killed in the massacre, but Brown came out of it physically unscathed. Now, he's looking for a payday by claiming "extreme trauma". He is suing the Century 16 Theatre in Aurora for negligence by not equipping the emergency exits with alarms and/or security guards. He is suing Holmes' doctors for failing to properly supervise Holmes as reports have surfaced that Holmes was on medication for a unspecified illness. WB is being sued because "Rises"----what a shock---is deemed too violent by Brown. All the guy wants is accountability.

The problem is, he's calling attention to himself, and not to his late friend, Bolk, or any of the other victims. As noted, Brown wasn't injured. He's just another guy who thinks filing a lawsuit will equal an easy payday, never mind the fact that whatever settlement he gets----and I doubt he'll ever get any----will be parsed out to his lawyers before he gets to spend any money. He's failing to take into account that maybe Holmes had cut whatever alarms were in the building before he started his attack. The Century 16, like most theatres not located in malls, probably has to rely on police for security in case of riots or fights. Maybe they did have one or two off-duty officers or security guards on call, but there's no guarantee they'd respond as quick as Brown would've liked.

It's a clear case of a man looking to leech some fame at the expense of other people's suffering and tragedy. That makes him a Weasel.


magicdog said...

It was inevitable someone would try to sue someone following this tragedy.

The trouble is, the one who was at fault (based on what I know so far) is James Holmes, the shooter. WB isn't responsible - all they did was make a movie, something they've been doing for nearly a century. The theatre isn't at fault either, as they were merely showing the movie. How are they supposed to forsee the actions of some psycho who made himself look like the love child of Bane and Ronald Mcdonald?

I'm certain this suit wil be dismissed quickly.

hobbyfan said...

You have to hope. Brown seems to me like a punk looking for a quick payday so he wouldn't have to work for a living. Hmmm......