Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Spook Rock: Monster Mash (1962)

Bobby Pickett only had one huge hit, and it's a seasonal tradition.

"Monster Mash" was released in 1962, co-written by Pickett in tribute to his love of horror movies, and particularly, one could guess, the work of Boris Karloff. Pickett sings this song in a mimic of Karloff's voice, which would explain why some genius on YouTube posted a video of Karloff's appearance on Shindig! and dubbed over Pickett's recording to make it sound like Karloff was doing a cover.

But why bother with something like that when you can find the man himself? The following clip comes a few years after "Mash" actually climbed the charts. The blurred line covers up the recording date & time, presumably, of the original date of the clip.....

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