Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Weasel of the Week: Donald Trump

If Donald Trump has learned anything from his friendship and professional association with Vince McMahon a few years ago, it's how to pull a bait & switch on the public.

On Monday, Trump appeared on Fox & Friends on Fox News Channel and claimed he had a big announcement that would be made today that "would shake the election". Apparently, Trump hired McMahon's crack creative team, or at least the ones McMahon fired recently, because all he came up with was little more than the usual shallow need for attention.

Trump offered to donate $5 million to one of the President's charities if President Obama would publicly release his college transcripts. All this was, in truth, was a veiled attempt at once again trumpeting the Birthers' claims that the President was not born in this country. Give it a rest! Perhaps tired of Trump's act, many took to Twitter to reduce Trump's proposal to mere twaddle. Apparently, Trump knows that if he publicly attempts to continue his and the Birthers' witch hunt against Obama, he's going to lose a lot more credibility than he already has. It wasn't so long ago---last week, in fact---that Trump was touting a new season of NBC's Celebrity Apprentice. Who's going to watch that now, knowing Trump has taken the Vince McMahon path and presented himself to the public as a deranged lunatic?

In addition to a fresh set of Weasel ears, plus a tail, we'll send Mr. Trump an all-expense paid, one way trip to the Candyass Cafe, right next door to the Smackdown Hotel at the corner of Know Your Role Blvd. & Jabroni Drive. If he's lucky, he can actually buy the place.......


magicdog said...

The question is, why are Obama's college records sealed? Why is "Mr. Transparancy" doing everything in his power to hide the smallest details about his [college] life?

I'm not a fan of Trump's, and I do think to a degree this is a stunt, but I think it's a valid question.

Bush 43's Harvard grades were made available and the media promptly made fun of the fact that he received C's. There's no question where he went to school and other details regarding that part of his life.

Meanwhile, former VP candidate Wayne Allen Root who can prove he attended Columbia University at the same time Obama purportedly did, has said he doesn't remember him and nor do other students at that time. According to a 2008 WSJ article, hundreds of Columbia alumni from the same class were contacted and they didn't remember him either.

Let me put it this way: If Romney, or any other Republican/conservative/libertarian/independent candidate had all their records sealed like that, would the mainstream media just accept it or would they be crying foul?

hobbyfan said...

Last I checked, Romney hasn't disclosed his college records, either. Trump, on the other hand, hitched his wagon to the Birthers, and has lost credibility every time he takes a shot at Obama.

Come to think of it, if Trump ain't careful, this could prove costly for Celebrity Apprentice.