Saturday, January 19, 2013

Baseball says goodbye to two legends: Stan Musial & Earl Weaver

I was apprised earlier today of the passing of former Baltimore Orioles manager Earl Weaver at 82. Weaver had collapsed while on a cruise on Friday.

Weaver took the Birds to three consecutive World Series to start his career, losing of course to the Mets in 1969. In all Weaver led Baltimore to 5 Series appearances, winning the last one in 1983, after losing a heartbreaking Series to Pittsburgh in 1979. Better known, however, for his frequent rhubarbs with umpires, Weaver was perhaps one of the first managers of the modern era, along with Billy Martin, to make a show of his arguments.

And, then, there is The Man.

Stan Musial passed away at 92. Today's fans might know the St. Louis legend more for his harmonica playing than his brilliant career on the field. It had become customary during Hall of Fame weekend in Cooperstown to find Musial somewhere, harmonica in hand. With his passing, baseball has lost one of its true heroes.

Rest in peace, gentlemen. Heaven is opening their division of the Hall of Fame for you.

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