Thursday, January 24, 2013

Weasels of the Week: New England Patriots & their fans

This was too easy to pass up.

I told you on Monday how the media conglomerate Clear Channel had their billboards used as countdown clocks in anticipation of the New England Patriots ending the career of Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis by eliminating the Ravens. Of course you know it didn't turn out that way, and it's the Ravens, not the Patriots, going to the Super Bowl.

Well, it turns out the Patsies and their fans get a truckload of Weasel ears this week. Bill Belichick already has a couple of pairs, so why not another, after his latest show of disrespect post-game, when he blew off a CBS interview that was actually mandatory? While Tom Brady has apologized, according to reports, with apologies accepted by the Ravens' Ed Reed, for channeling baseball Hall of Famer Ty Cobb with a slide, spikes up, that nearly injured Reed, such brash, crass play didn't draw a flag, a testament to the NFL's double standard policies when it comes to Madison Avenue darlings like Brady (whose only commercial endorsement this season was a cameo in a Dodge commercial), but it does give Brady a set of ears as well for lowering himself, image-wise, even for a moment, to the level equivalent of a hockey goon.

Luckily for fans in Boston, the Bruins are now playing, but I digress.

And, then, there were the usual classless, likely drunken, turds who sent Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith some nasty tweets after the game, reminding him of his brother's tragic passing some months back. These idiots forgot that Smith played in the Ravens' home game vs. New England in September, a game the Ravens  won, oh by the way. This bunch of John Does pays for their sloshed, brain-dead tweeting with Weasel ears as well.

The point? As goes Belichick, so go the Patriot fans, it seems. Whatever happened to good old fashioned sportsmanship? Belichick is on record saying he'll be back for another season. If I'm Patriot owner Bob Kraft, I have to think long and hard about rehabilitating the image not only of the coach, but the team and its legion of supporters as well.

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