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787 Pro Wrestling Chase for the Championship, 3/24/13, Troy Boys & Girls Club

787 Pro Wrestling's 3rd event, "Chase For the Championship", took place earlier today at the Troy Boys & Girls Club. There were some last minute changes from the originally announced card, as you'll see.

As opposed to last month's show, the "dark" match began at 2:30. Hale Collins debuted and squashed another newcomer, Roberto Castillo, in less than 2 minutes. Collins hit a float-over version of the 3 Amigos, then hit the flying elbow drop off the top. Castillo never got out of the blocks.

The official card then got underway at 2:35. Hey, these things happen, folks.

Four teams were entered for the tag team title tournament, but Capital Punishment (Rob Coleman & Foxx Vinyer) wasn't originally one of them. The Joint Task Force was scratched at the last minute. There was an open spot still left, filled by Josh Jordan and Jamal Justice. Coleman pinned Jordan to advance.

In the other heat, the Monarchy got past the Peacock Experience, but not without some chicanery involved. The Outkast Killaz (Oman Tortuga & Diablo Santiago) attacked Dalton Castle on the floor, while his partner was pinned after being blinded by the powdery makeup the Monarchy uses. Real lame, but it also sets up a tag team program going forward between the Killaz and the Experience. Tortuga turned on the same fans that cheered him last month, and Santiago introduced himself as the Devil incarnate. Sorry, Santiago, but I think someone else in this business has that all but trademarked.

In the finals, Vinyer turned on Coleman by walking out on him, leaving Coleman to be pinned by Zachary Beaulieu to enable the Monarchy to claim the tag titles. Figure Vinyer & Coleman to clash at the next show.

Meanwhile, Kyle Brad recovered from losing last month by beating Kriptic Keegan. Ring announcer Brian Cady brought out former WWE/ECW wrestler Colin Delaney out for an interview. Oh, was this awkward. Delaney now has shorter hair than when we last saw him on TV 4 years ago, and comes across as a total geek. Bill Carr, whom they said was in WWE developmental for a time, came out and challenged Delaney. That brought out Antonio "The Promise" Thomas, most recently in Ring of Honor, but billed as a former tag champion in WWE. To my knowledge, that wasn't true, although Thomas and partner Romeo Roselli were, I believe, tag champions with OVW. Local product and ROH tag champ Bobby Fish was the last one out, with his belt around his waist. The issue at hand was over who would be #1 contender for Vik Dalishus' 787PW title. JP Black acknowledged that he was the man in charge (and worked as the timekeeper for the 2nd straight show), and set up a fatal four-way. Fish got into it with Black, which may lead somewhere. While people were chanting for Fish, he made sure to keep himself heel. When match time came after intermission, Fish had to scramble to leave the merchandising area (they didn't set up a table for him this time, unlike the last two shows) and prepare for the match. He did a lot of stalling---and talking. After several minutes passed without a fall, Black rang the bell to end the match, pointing at his watch as if to say the time limit (which was never established) had expired, resulting in a draw. Despite the fans chanting for 5 more minutes----and Thomas & Delaney encouraged the chants---the match was in fact over.

Dalishus was out next, and said he could take the day off since the winner was supposed to face him for the title. Black said an open contract was being offered to anyone who'd be willing to take on Dalishus. Randy Walker answered the challenge, and perhaps should've thought better of it. Protracted squash, as Walker didn't get much offense in at all. Dalishus sandwiched two spinebusters and a dropkick in between two superkicks, the 2nd of which knocked out Walker, resulting in the ref ending the match on a TKO, so Dalishus leaves with the title, but he too may have gotten into Black's doghouse with his antics after the match, going after Walker's valet-wife, Brandi, before Thomas, Carr, & Delaney came out and chased the champ out.

The main event was for the Interstate title. "Buttery" Bert Williams had qualified, but was a late scratch, and what was announced as a fatal 4-way at last month's show was changed to a 6-man gauntlet match, contested in stepladder format. Sgt. Fury was moved from the tag title tournament into this match, ostensibly to replace Williams. There were two other additions to the match, namely Lenn Oddity & Coconut Jones.

1st fall: Oddity pinned Fury, using the Widow's Peak (Tara's finisher).
2nd fall: Cloudy used his umbrella to eliminate Oddity.
3rd fall: Cloudy eliminated Chris Envy using the tights.
4th fall: Jones ended Cloudy's bid for the title.
5th fall: Jones won the title, upsetting CJ Scott. Scott tried to use the belt, taking it away from Black, but as the ref confiscated the belt, Jones caught Scott coming through the ropes with an inside cradle for the win.

Jones didn't have time to celebrate, as Scott laid him out with his billy club after the match, setting up a rematch at the next show, which is supposed to be April 28, but Brian Cady never said when the next show would be, only to advise checking the promotion's website for more details. Uh-oh. Sounds like trouble. If it does happen in April, there are at least three matches lined up as noted above:

Vinyer vs. Coleman
Outkast Killaz vs. Peacock Experience
Interstate title: Jones vs. Scott.

Figure also that the #1 contender's spot for the 787PW title will be filled at the next show as well. All we can say for now is stay tuned.

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